Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baby Play: Ice Cubes

It's been really hot here lately so I made Isabella some ice cubes to play with. I filled a muffin tray with fruit pieces and water and froze it overnight. She enjoyed exploring these new icy cold toys. At first we just had them on the tray and later we put them in water to watch them melt quicker. The ice cubes with berries in coloured the water purple.

Ready for the freezer

Of course it has to be tasted

Seeing what happens to the ice in water.

And checking whether it tastes different now!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Portait a Week: 29/52 - Getting creative with another box

This week's portrait -playing hide and seek.

Isabella's nappies and nappy bin cartridges arrived in this lovely big box. Big enough for her to crawl in, so I turned it into a little house. I hung ribbons at the entrance for decoration, for her to crawl through, touch and pull at. Then I cut three windows from each of the other sides, each at a different height. She looked so cute peeping through them that I then drew around them to make them look like picture frames and so frame her little face when she looked through the window. We also had a puppet show and the bunny played peekaboo with her which she loved. We chased each other around the outside of the box crawling and played hide and seek behind it. So much fun from just one box!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baby Wimbledon

These photos were taken on the final day of Wimbledon, I'm just a bit slow posting them.

"You better watch out, I'm going to win this game."

"Let me just check my grip..."

"No I'm not ready yet, I'm still checking my grip."

"Oh yeah... it's sooo good."

"Did you see me hit that ball?"
"Mmmm I didn't see that one coming."
"But I can still win this game."

"I am the champion!"

I made Isabella this dress using, can you guess... an old t-shirt! It's a t-shirt from the company Andre used to work for. I didn't follow any tutorial for this one, all my own ideas. Some help from my mom to do the binding around the neck and the rest was just sew and hope for the best! Even if she doesn't wear these early creations of mine really, it's fun making them and doesn't cost me anything.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Simply Porsche event at Beaulieu

Three weeks ago we went to a Porsche event at Beaulieu which is a national motor museum in the New Forest. We didn't actually visit the museum, but walked around admiring the Porsches (André mostly) and then enjoyed a stroll through the beautiful gardens. There is also a Palace House, apparently home of the Montagu family. You can go inside, but we didn't. And then there is the Beaulieu Abbey which was founded in 1204 by Cistercian Monks. Info from the website- with a baby on a hot day I didn't have the time or energy to gather any information while there myself! We mainly just enjoyed walking around. You can spend a whole day there. There is also a little train that goes along the tree tops which would be fun when Isabella is older.

"I think I'll have that one daddy." 

The Abbey

Enjoying lunch

This is the sling we've been using for the past few months. It's called Scootababy and we're all loving it.

The beautiful gardens.

Trying to stick to the shade on such a hot day.

The Palace House

Hello doggie

This one was my favourite.

Look at the buckles on the front!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Portrait a Week: 28/52

Isabella 'reading' a magazine before bedtime.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Splashing on a hot afternoon

After a walk to the pharmacy yesterday afternoon Isabella and I were both hot- she started complaining towards the end of the walk so I took it she was hot too! I got out her tuff tray at home and filled it with water.

Water fun from Anneliese Mostert on Vimeo.

I thought we'd just have some hand splashing in the water so left her in her vest, but Isabella quickly decided it was warm enough to get in. The water was rather cold. She crawled in and then tried to stand up. She can't stand up without holding onto something so basically she just stays in a 'downward dog' yoga pose.

She calls it 'aqua-yoga'

From there either her hands or feet slipped and she fell flat on her tummy in the water! She wasn't impressed and I just had to snap a photo before helping her up.

Wet baby!

I then changed her into something more suitable for swimming/ splashing and also added some warmer water. She really loved it!